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Shockwave Therapy

Gua sha, or scraping therapy, is a traditional healing modality that alleviates pain, muscle tension, and restricted movement. This simple technique is becoming more well-known in medical communities as its benefits are rediscovered and appreciated.

Gua sha uses a round edged tool to firmly stroke areas of tension, breaking up areas of congestion in the muscles and tendons. It effectively treats headaches, neck aches, persistent tension in the shoulders, back, and hips, and even plantar fasciitis. Gua sha can break up and soften scar tissue making the scarred areas less painful and more functional.

Gua sha is great for focusing on chronic muscle knots, especially stubborn ones that just seem to snap back into tension even after massage therapy.

Expect some colourful results on the treated areas. Gua sha draws out a temporary discoloration, which is the superficial vessels flushing out the stagnated blood and fluids. This discoloration goes away in a few days as normal circulation clears out the area and brings fresh blood flow. This is not the same thing as a bruise since the tissues are not injured but are releasing toxins, fluids and heat to the surface.

Gua sha is not suitable for everybody. People who should not have Gua Sha include those:

  • who have medical conditions affecting the skin or veins

  • who bleed easily who take medication to thin their blood who have deep vein thrombosis

  • who have an infection, tumor, or wound that has not healed fully

  • who have an implant, such as a pacemaker or internal defibrillator

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